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“A beautiful story for self-growth and transformation. A parable, inspirational story and self help book all in one.”

– Laura Ramirez –

Author. Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting

Free Your Soul shows you how to find your life’s true purpose, and start to live it – in just 3 days – even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

In this life-changing book you will:

  • Find and follow the path your soul is here to fulfill so you don’t “die with your song still inside you…”
  • Change the ‘soul contract’ that rules your life and finally free yourself to follow your deepest dreams and desires (for the rest of your life.)
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, power and vision, so you are protected, secure and guided in all areas of your life from now on.
  • Discover the ancient healing and wisdom secrets that change life “from the inside out” and save you years of frustration, struggle and pain.
  • Ancient shamanic secrets that will save you years of frustration, pain and struggle

Preface – A Story of Soul Destiny Lost and Found

Your soul has a unique path and purpose in life — something only you can do and offer the world.

That’s what your dreams and passions are for…

You are not alone or insignificant.

Your life is part of a vast fabric, pattern and dance. You are, in fact, a unique note in the cosmic song.

And until you find and sing your unique note you will never be truly happy.

Never be truly fulfilled.

Never be truly alive.

There is a source of help and power and love all around you that is just waiting to help you find your way.

All you have to do is connect with it and ask for help.

This is the story of how I discovered this for myself.

It is a ‘spiritual adventure story’ (complete with family betrayals, intrigue and murder) and an introduction to ‘destiny retrieval’.

It is based on a trip I took in August 2008 that changed my life — for ever, and for the good.

While there are explanations and ideas in the story, and the story has a ‘teacher’, they are not what the story is about.

The real answers and experience came from sitting quietly (in a living room or bedroom) and unlocking an inner power and wisdom available to all of us.

Workshops, teachers, exotic trips, and so on are helpful, fun, exciting. And they can accelerate your change.

But they are not what creates the change.

The ability to connect to your soul — to use your inner power and wisdom to follow your ‘path’ — is everyone’s birthright.

Integral to our humanity, this connection to your soul is available to all people.

In all places…

And at all times…

Everything in the journeys (the text in italics) is word-for-word true to what I saw, heard, felt and learned.

I share it to illustrate my experiences and not for comparison.

This work takes place in your soul and every soul is unique.

Your experiences will be completely different, unique and personal — based on how you know, receive and understand your inspiration.

Balthasar Abraxis and Crown Prince Who trace my journey from searching and confused to clarity and flow.

Crown Prince Who shows what I thought and did as a ‘student’. Balthasar Abraxis pulls all the different teachers, ideas, and practices into one person, the ‘teacher’.

The truth is, though, I did it by doing it.

And you can too.

Are you ready?

Then, let’s get started…


“Beautiful, healing, uplifting, creative, transformative and practical. Empowering tools of deep wisdom and healing, intuition. Something to treasure and develop for the rest of my life.”

- Talitta Dyllen -

Artist & Teacher, Norfolk

“An uplifting, magical and healing experience. Rich ground for growth and development. Free your soul’s progress on every level. Thank you Andrew.”

- Sinead O'Reilly -

Executive, London

“Andrew is an inspiring and masterful teacher, compassionate facilitator, shamanic and creative visionary who empowers others to realise their authentic path and goals.”

- Chloe Goodchild -


“Nothing in London compares. Super-intensive, deep. My progress has been staggering. Thank you Andrew for such a transformative process.”

- Lexie Octavia -

Model & Yoga Teacher, London

Meet Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, HG Dip (Dist.)

A philosopher, architect, psychotherapist, intuitive guide and shamanic healer, I’ve spent my life trying to help people live in harmony and balance.

With themselves… with each other… and with the world…

My journey started in 1985 with an ‘awakening’ in a Greek olive grove that “blew my mind” with other dimensions and possibilities.

But it took me almost 20 years of study, meditation, yoga, etc. to fit that vision into a ‘normal’ life as an architect and ecological designer.

In 2000, as I turned 40, I had my ‘mid-life crisis’ early and left the world of architecture to (eventually) became a psychotherapist.

In 2008, my mind was blown again when I discovered the ideas and methods in the book and was finally able to do what my soul was really here to do.

And nothing has ever been the same since…


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